Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am SO impressed with myself...

Look! It's only been a week since my last blog! Hubby is traveling a lot these days, he's actually gone for the next 2, but we going on his next trip with him. He will be attending a conference in Bonita Springs, on the "BEST coast" (best beaches, in my opinion) at the Hyatt Coconut Point resort - can I get a "WHOOT-WHOOT!" Free vacation for a family of 4! He will be MIA the whole 3 days, being wined and dined by various vendors trying to get his company's business, but I'd have to take care of these 2 kids by myself if I stay home, so I might as well get a vacation out of it! I have to take Jordan out of school for 3 days, but she's made straight A's all year, so I think she deserves to have a break. The resort is not right on the beach, but they have a huge pool with a slide and they offer CAMP for the kids - oh yeah!!! I'm trying to talk Jordan into going to the camp for at least 1/2 of one day. The thought of not having to do dishes, or laundry or even cook for 3 days has me all giddy with excitement - and the prospect of taking a couple of naps with the baby is about to put me over the edge! I'll be making a Target run tomorrow - I must get 70 sunblock for this pasty white skin of mine!

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